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Sovereign Wealth Fund - Portfolio Company - COO Search  


Established in 2016 with a capital of 100 million Omani Rials, Minerals Development Oman (MDO) is as a partnership of four Omani sovereign wealth funds and investment entities:


MDO has been set up with a strategic vision to unleash the potential of Oman’s mining sector in support of the socioeconomic progress of the Omani population, notably through employment creation, local capacity building, small business growth, community sustainable development, and GDP growth.



Minerals Development Oman are seeking to appoint a COO to work closely with the CEO, Senior MDO Management and the Board of Directors. Minerals Development Oman is leading the optimisation of mining in Oman by:


1. Establishing a hub for technical and commercial capabilities for exploration and minerals development.

2. Contributing to the nation’s development through investment in exploration, mining, processing

and related logistics.

3. Ensuring value creation through downstream applications.

4. Ensuring minerals development improves the social and economic well-being of the communities and respects cultural values.

5. Economic returns, job creation and development of local skills.



Our recommendations were based on information & key requirements shared by the CEO, HRD, CIO and Board of Directors. In this case we recommend a methodology to complete a global targeted search (No Advertised Search). Given the Board of Directors and the CEO were keen to consider International expat candidates who were prepared to relocate to Muscat. Nexus Point executed this search on a direct headhunting basis by drawing up a target list of all relevant competitors and other potentially relevant Companies worldwide likely to have candidates with relevant experience in place to source the best possible candidate for the job. A Target list of International Companies was completed by Nexus Point and agreed with the client. 




Once a Target-list of companies and candidates had been identified (in excess of 80), the headhunting process was carried out with utmost discretion and candidates were not advised that the campaign was being carried out on behalf of the Client until a clear outline commitment was established. Every care was taken NOT to contact any company that the client identified as carrying a potential conflict of interest. As the client was very specific in its requirements for their desired candidate, much emphasis was placed on the Psychometric & Behavioral Assessments at interview stage, so as to find individuals who, in addition to having the relevant experience and expertise, had behavioral traits that would ensure as close a fit as possible, both for the role and for the corporate culture of the company.


1) Our research process is so refined that 100% of the candidates we place are still in employment 12 months later. (Our clients tell us this retention rate is considerably higher than that experienced when using other Search firms). 


2) We removed any risk from the process by offering a 100% Money-Back guarantee if a candidate leaves within one month, and a free replacement service if a candidates leaves within 12 Months. 


3) We spent considerable time on our pre-screening process and make full use of cutting-edge tools such as leading psychometric testing, and our own creation, DEEP DIVE to streamline the recruitment process, saving hours of work and ensuring the client has all the information required to select the right candidate. 


4) Our DEEP DIVE system, the core factor behind our outstanding and guaranteed results, delivers candidate details online, in a format that can be easily shared with multiple-decision makers and Stakeholders. 


The comprehensive profile for each candidate included: 


  • Executive Summary 

  • Key Competency Questionnaire Results 

  • Behavioral Assessment 

  • Competency Benchmark Graph 

  • Candidate References 

  • Original Candidate CV


As a result of our 20 years experience and established global network, our ability to approach those already in employment, 80% of our candidates were not registered with any other Search Firm; the people we located and sent for consideration were hand-picked and exclusive. 


  • Candidate Short-List Presentation

  • Client Interview on site

  • Offer / Negotiation

  • Onboarding

  • 30/60/90 Day Reviews

Nexus Point presented the client with a final short list of 3 candidates for the post including the Original Candidate CV, Nexus Point Executive Summary, Psychometric Test Results and 4 Completed Reference Checks. The client selected all three finalists for interview and we agreed on a neutral location to conduct the final interview process. London was chosen as the location for the interviews as an accessible central location for all parties and The Hilton Hotel the selected venue. Nexus Point arranged the logistics for all the candidates and arranged the venue and facilities for the meetings, the Interview Schedule and Interview Questionnaire as well as the Itinerary on the day for the client and all finalist candidates. Nexus Point traveled to site and completed the final interviews in conjunction with the CEO. After completing the 3 final interviews for the COO role an offer was completed by the client. 


Nexus Point completed the offer negotiation on behalf of the client/candidate and finalised all paper work for in Country Visa Application to include Passports, Certificates and Documentation. Once a Visa and Work Permit had been granted Nexus Point finalised the logistics of the On-Boarding/re-location including a Candidate in country visit, facilitating a shortlist of Accommodation to visit as well as arranging in country assistance for establishing Banking, Utilities, Transportation and travel. Once the start date was agreed and contracts finalised and signatures obtained, Nexus Point assisted with the relocation of the candidate from Europe to the Middle East. Nexus Point completed Candidate and Client reviews every 30 Days for the first 3 months to ensure both parties were comfortable and settled. 

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