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Client Co: State General Reserve Fund / MDO

Candidate Placement: After completing an International Search and mapping the key markets a long list of candidates were identified and approached. After initial approaches a number of suitable International candidates were Long-listed and second round interviews were completed. A shortlist of candidates were presented to the client for Interviews which led to an offer being accepted by the candidate.


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Complies and takes an active role in HSE

  • Develop and maintain work practices and procedures of the highest professional and safety standards to achieve optimum performance of the Exploration functions

  • Management of several exploration projects including planning, implementation and interpretation.

  • Supervision of geological staff, drill staff and contractors

  • Design appropriate and cost effective field and drilling exploration programs

  • Exploration data collected is of a high quality, accurate and validated

  • Sampling is of the highest quality and the QAQC process is maintained

  • Integrate different layers of data to make interpretations and assessments

  • Construct 3D geological models for resource estimation

  • Present exploration updates to management

  • Providing geological assistance to other technical groups in the company

  • Technical reporting of exploration results for the company and authorities

  • Manages the drilling activities and monitor performance and quality.

  • Seek, assess and make recommendations for new projects and techniques

  • Liaise with landowners, JV operators, sub-contractors and government departments

  • Technical review, leadership and mentoring of all exploration staff

  • Training and Development - Organize training and implement Individual development plans to support career development and succession planning.


Principal Challenges:


  • Identifying new resources and developing resources for conversion to reserves

  • Manage efficient and cost effective exploration activities over several projects

  • Collection of high quality data from exploration programs

  • Interpretation of exploration data, making recommendations, and identifying threats and opportunities

  • Challenging MDO Geological and Technical consultants; yet he/she must work with them to achieve agreed goals


Minimum Academic / Professional Qualification:


  • Bachelor Degree in Geology or Earth Sciences

  • Preferably, JORC Credentials or similar resources/reserves estimation qualification




The Exploration Manager role is to be a key driver in helping Minerals Development Oman (MDO) in the discovery and development of economic resources.

The position is located at any of the company’s exploration sites.

The role is residential.

The position will formally report to the Operations Director. Informally the Exploration Manager may take direction from the Technical/Commercial Advisor within the Company.


Minimum Work Experience :


  • +15 years geological experience in multiple geological terranes and projects at different exploration stages


Skills & Competencies Required:


  • Familiarity with modern exploration geophysical & geochemical techniques

  • High level skills with MS Office applications

  • Competency with Mapping programs

  • Competency with 3D mining programs

  • Experience with supervision and training of multinational geologists

  • Experience with resource modeling

  • Experience in underground mining

  • Understands the ore model and appropriate exploration process

  • Competency with databases and data management

  • Awareness of modern mineral industry HSE practice.

  • Prepared to work at times in extreme weather conditions

  • Prepared to work in remote locations

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills for presentations and reports

  • Clear spoken & written English

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