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Position Title: Head of Industrial Minerals 


Client Co: State General Reserve Fund / MDO


Candidate Placement: After completing an International Search and mapping the key markets a long list of candidates were identified and approached. After initial approaches a number of suitable candidates were Long-listed and second round interviews were completed. A shortlist of candidates were presented to the client and Nexus Point International completed the Interviews with the client face to face which led to an offer being accepted by the candidate.

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Head of Industrial Minerals 


Reports to Chief Operating Officer Reported by TBD Objective: The Industrial Mineral Development Manager shall have the primary responsibility of leading the Industrial Mineral Development of MDO and related activities. In addition, he will provide inputs and provide support for business development activities strategic plans and operating and capital budgets. Key Routine Tasks: • Responsible for the overall management of industrial minerals projects (mining and downstream) including outlining project plans, setting project goals/deadlines and evaluating performance. Report material deviations from the goals or objectives and policies established by the Board; • Contribute to business planning and company strategy to improve competitiveness, profitability and growth • Identify potential business risks and ensure processes are established to manage appropriately • Maintain and encourage a positive safety and environment culture at all times to ensure satisfactory competitive position within the industry; • Prepare and implement operational plans and monitor and report progress • Help in estimating capital expenditure of greenfield and brownfield mining projects • Prepare production and operating budgets, and monitor and report performance and costs • Recognize and anticipate operational, technical and safety challenges, take appropriate action to prevent or overcome them, and seek continuous improvement • Collaborate with other management colleagues to achieve overall business objectives • Oversee the recruitment and development of staff, providing support, mentoring and guidance to build an effective workforce • Manage social license to operate and other community related issues in coordination with the Head of Corporate Support 


Be available to brief the COO on industrial mineral development matters for review in advance of meetings of the Board; • As requested by the Board, attend meetings of the Board and its Committees and present the information necessary or relevant to the Board or such Committee for discharging its duties; • Foster a corporate culture that promotes ethical practices, customer focus and service and encourages individual integrity; • Maintain a positive and ethical work climate that is conducive to attracting, retaining and motivating a diverse group of top-quality employees at all levels; • Coordinate the sustainability strategies of the organisation; • Perform other functions related to the industrial mineral development or as may be requested by the COO. Quality Control and Continuous Improvement • Contribute to ongoing operational improvement by analysing existing processes and developing enhancements • Direct the implementation of policies and procedures to ensure adherence to mining standards, organizational standards and legislative requirements • Implement and monitor quality assurance programs to ensure accurate records are maintained for all activities • Oversee industrial mineral projects from concept to execution including Quality Assurance and Quality Control programs Knowledge Management • Contribute to the Standard Operating Procedures Manual to ensure accurate reporting of instructions, continuous improvement initiatives and delivery of results are readily available to all staff • Communicate timely and effectively all information relating to Industrial Minerals activities within the company • Communicate to management all issues that impact on industrial minerals development Business 


In coordination with the Geology Department, grow the tenement package and add value by identifying new opportunities in industrial minerals and by generating and progressing conceptual targets with longer term resource potential • Monitor and review projects with a view towards potential acquisition in industrial minerals. • Provide mining expertise to project evaluation studies within the company • Assist with preparation of public announcements pertinent to mining and related downstream opportunities


Technical and Soft Skills: • Ability to develop, layout, and follow through on detailed business plans and programs • Broad technical knowledge of mining operations and processes, including technical competence to review exploration programmes, mine planning and other mining and downstream related activities • Good business acumen and entrepreneurial thinking • Ability to create team synergy, manage diversity and promote a high performance culture • Financial planning and reporting capabilities including budgeting and cash flow management • Strong general IT infrastructure knowledge • Strong human capital management knowledge • Building financial advice related compliance knowledge • Strong negotiating ability • Strong interpersonal and leadership skills, self-confidence • Strong oral and written communication skills • Integrative team working style, easy contact, rapid to adaptation, can foster team spirit • Able to effectively interface with all levels of on-site and off-site employees and contractors. • Working knowledge of assigned systems and client organization and practices • Team player with a competitive spirit to excel and the ability to influence and motivate others. • Attentive to international socio-political and economic development influencing the mining industry performance.


Work Experience / Knowledge: • A minimum of 10 years in industrial mineral including 5 years in industrial mineral development Qualification: • Bachelor Degree in Mining Engineering, Geology or mining related qualification. • Masters in Management/ Finance/ Mineral Economics or related discipline is desired.

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