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Nexus Point International offer a unique differentiator for our clients, providing access to an off-market CFO talent pool that covers 92.7% of the global CFO market. OUR REACH - GLOBAL CFO CANDIDATES (160,431) WITHIN INVESTMENT BACKED COMPANIES & VC/PE PORTFOLIO COMPANIES ACROSS: HEALTHCARE, TECHNOLOGY, INDUSTRIAL, CONSUMER & FINANCIAL SERVICE - plus many other sectors.

  • With over 160k specialist CFOs already in our system, we do not need to research and find the absolute best candidates in your market, we already have them. 

  • We do not charge an upfront retainer fee unlike most Search companies; confident we will fill the role and de-risk the process for you. 

  • Our process of initial outreach to providing shortlisted candidates is on average, within ten working days. 


Please find below a sample of our recent placements:

EXAMPLE 4: Chief Financial Officer

Overview: Medexus Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a leading innovative and rare disease pharmaceutical company with a focus on the therapeutic areas of rheumatology, auto-immune disease, specialty oncology, allergy, and paediatric diseases. 


Background to the search: Medexus Pharmaceuticals were seeking to appoint a CFO to restructure their financial reporting process, help build out the internal teams during a period of high growth and work towards migrating the company from the TSX to the NASDAQ. The client required a senior CFO with US Markets / SEC experience who had successfully completed both Fundraising and IPOs.

The solution: Our recommendation was based on the information & key requirements shared by the CEO and the Senior Management Team. In this case we recommended a methodology to complete a US National search with candidates who met the required experience criteria. (No Advertised Search). Nexus Point executed this search on a direct headhunting basis utilizing our unique digital mapping process that provides access to 92.7% of the CFO talent marketplace, covering all relevant competitors and other potentially relevant Companies across multiple industry sectors to source the best possible candidate for the role.    


The process: Once a Target-list of candidates had been identified (436 in this instance - within an hour), the headhunting process was conducted with utmost discretion and candidates were not advised that the campaign was being conducted on behalf of the Client until a clear outline commitment was established. Every care was taken not to contact any company that the client identified as carrying a potential conflict of interest. As the client was specific in its requirements for their desired candidate, emphasis was placed on finding individuals who, in addition to having the relevant experience and expertise, had behavioural traits that would ensure as close fit as possible, both for the role and for the corporate culture of the company. 

The outcome: With Candidate mapping completed, outreach started and continued for the first week – Four shortlisted candidates were sent to the client and interviews arranged with all four. Within seven days the client had interviewed via video and subsequently met with the two preferred candidates via video for a second and third interviews. Nexus Point completed the negotiation with the chosen candidate and base salary, bonus and equity agreed. The candidate commenced remotely within two weeks, less than eight weeks after the initial search had commenced. 

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